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    Excelitas PE150AF - 150W - Ceramic Xenon Short Arc


    The Excelitas PE150AF features high-intensity illumination and a broad spectral range with a 5900-degree Kelvin color temperature. Perkin Elmer manufacturer.

    Features include:

    • Reflector Type: Parabolic
    • Lumens: 1,350
    • Power, Nominal: 150W
    • Power Range: 180W - 320W
    • UV Filtered Output (<390 nm): 0.9W
    • Current, Nominal: 12.5A (DC)
    • Operating Voltage, Nominal: 11.7V (DC)
    • Max. Temperature: 150°C
    • Rated Life: 1000 Hours

    This lamp does not ship with the timer. If a timer is needed, see Related Products on this page.

    For complete specifications, download the document below.

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    Excelitas PE300C-10F - 300W Elliptical - Ceramic Xenon Short Arc


    The Excelitas PE300C-10F features high-intensity, focused illumination with a power range of 200-300 Watts.

    This ceramic xenon lamp has a broad spectral range with 5900-degree Kelvin color temperature and a lamp life rating of 1,000 hours.

    Features include:

    • Lumens: 7,475
    • Power range: 200 - 300 watts
    • UV Output: (<390nm): 3.8 watts
    • Current: 21 amps
    • Current Range: 13 - 23 amps
    • Operating Voltage: 12 volts
    • Color Temperature: 5900K

    See the document below for complete specifications.

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    Luxtel CL1130 - CL150AF - 150W Ceralux Xenon Lamp for Fujinon EPX2200

    Original Luxtel CL1130 / CL150AF. Replacement lamp for Fujinon/Hoya EPX2200 processor. This150 watt lamp has a parabolic reflector and offers a 5900 kelvin color temperature for high intensity illumination.
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    Luxtel CL150AF 150W Xenon Elliptical


    Luxtel CL150AF 150W Xenon Elliptical

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    Luxtel TM2 - Digital Timer - CL1555


    This Luxtel mercury free, digital timer shows actual number of hours of instrument / lamp use. This innovative design is field replaceable in all TM2 sockets that operate at 5V or 12V.

    The easy to read LCD 3 digit display shows hours of use from 0 to 999. The elpased time is displayed while the host instrument is ON, or, it can be viewed by depressing the front enable button.

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