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    VitaLume Bloom Tube - 24W T5 Fluorescent - 4-Pack


    Efficient Sunleaves VitaLUME T5 fluorescent Bloom Tubes provide light in the correct spectral range designed to produce abundant fruit and flowers. Each two-foot, 24 watt bloom tube has been optimized for the red spectrum at 2900 degrees Kelvin.

    Priced and ships as a 4-pack.

    About VitaLume

    VitaLUME lighting products allow indoor gardeners to give their plants year-round sunshine with the pleasant glow of high-output fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent lights. Distributing light of the ideal color temperatures for plant growth and life, VitaLUME lights are perfect for houseplants, propagation, or rounding out the spectrum of a higher intensity lighting system. More specifically, VitaLUME fluorescent tubes are best for groupings of vegetation and large plants whereas VitaLUME compact fluorescent lights are ideal for seedlings, plant cuttings, and small plants. Furthermore, VitaLUME lighting products are an energy efficient and cost-conscious choice for those who garden indoors.

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