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    Sylvania MC150T7.5/U/G12/940 | 150W Ceramic Metal Halide - Pulse Start - 4200K - CRI 95

    Manufacturer: Picture for manufacturer Sylvania

    The Sylvania MC150T7.5/U/G12/940 Metalarc Powerball is an enclosed fixture pulse start metal halide lamp that offers extremely high color rendering for color critical applications.

    Compared to conventional quartz metal halide products, Sylvania ceramic arc tube metal halide lamps exhibit less color variation and higher efficacy. Their high mean lumens, excellent color characteristics and compact size allow them to be used in a wide variety of applications.

    Features include:

    • Excellent color rendering
    • Long life
    • High efficacy
    • Lower thermal output than halogen with same lumens
    • Superior color stability over life of lamp
    • Improved lamp-to-lamp color consistency
    • UV-Stop technology
    • Pulse start arc tube
    • Compact light source

    See the document below for additional specifications and information about the Sylvania Metalarc Powerball family of ceramic lamps.

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