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Retail Lighting Solutions from Topbulb
Retail Lighting Solutions from Topbulb

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retail store facade

Windows, Signage, & Facade

First impressions, from the street or sidewalk set the tone with customers in terms of interest and comfort. Display window lighting contributes to attracting the eye of the shopper and creating an interesting product display. Small aperture downlights or track / rail lighting using halogen or led light sources minimizes visual impact of the fixture, while allowing the light to be adjusted to optimum effect. Similarly, both well illuminated signage and attractive building exterior lighting help entice customers into the store. Flood, wall sconce and architectural string lighting with halogen or LED lamps all can be used to create an attractive façade.

Halogen MR Bulbs | LED MR | LED A-Shape

Halogen PAR | String Lights | LED

retail merchandise display

Merchandise Displays

How merchandise is illuminated depends on the perception the merchant wants to convey about value, quality and status of the products on display. Some stores will find general ambient lighting preferable while other will want accent lighting to highlight small groups of products.

Halogen PAR Bulbs | LED PAR

High Intensity Discharge | T8 Tubes | LED T8

big box retail lighting

Big Box Retail

For big box retail, even distribution of ambient light throughout the store, generally with high bay metal halide or fluorescent fixtures, provides a low contrast, diffuse light for all product displays. By eliminating reflected glare with diffuse illumination, customers can easily view products under consistent, comfortable lighting.

Metal Halide | LED HID Replacement

T8 Fluorescent | T8 LED

upscale retail lighting

Upscale Retail

Upscale retail such as clothing, jewelry or even technology products will want higher contrast lighting with track or recessed fixtures throwing bright, crisp white light directly on displays. This type of lighting allows customers to evaluate the texture, finish and color the individual products. These fixtures are usually equipped with small ceramic metal halide, directional halogen or LED PAR and MR bulbs with strong color characteristics. Accent lighting creates an attractive contrast ratio between the aisles and the merchandise displays and focuses the shopper’s eye directly on the product.

Halogen PAR | LED PAR

Halogen MR | LED MR

Single End Ceramic Metal Halide | PAR Ceramic Metal Halide

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retail perimeter lighting

Perimeter Lighting

Perimeter lighting along walls often consists of hidden soffits that use fluorescent or LED linear tubes inside the soffit to provide a vertical stream of light down the wall onto the merchandise. While not technically accent lighting, these and other similar linear perimeter fixtures draw the shoppers eye to wall displays that rise vertically along the wall.

T8 Fluorescent | T8 LED

Halogen MR | LED MR

retail point of sale lighting

POS & Customer Service Areas

Proper lighting at the point of sale is necessary for both the sales staff and the customer. Staff needs sufficient lighting to make the tasks of packaging and completing the cash or credit transaction efficient and accurate. Given today’s extensive use of both sales staff monitors and customer interaction with credit/debit card terminals, a premium is placed on diffuse lighting that avoids reflected glare off the screens. Either indirect light fixtures, fluorescent recessed troffers or downlights can provide the necessary brightness without glare. Topbulb offers quality replacement lamps for these applications.

T8 Fluorescent Tubes | Halogen PAR


retail display case lighting

Display Cases

Illumination of merchandise in display cases often utilizes narrow diameter tubes such as T5 fluorescent. LED tape and rope light provide another small footprint option with the benefit of extremely long life.

T5 Fluorescent | LED Strip Lights

store restroom lighting


Restrooms provide an excellent opportunity to utilize occupancy control in a space that has variable use times. Simply installed as a direct replacement for existing switches, the sensors turn lights on when someone enters and turns lights off after a pre-set time has passed.

Occupancy Sensors

retail store with lights above entrance

Exit & Emergency

Safe evacuation of a store during an emergency places a high priority on quality exit and emergency lighting products. Topbulb has line of energy saving LED exit signs with different letter color and attractive mounting options. In addition, we carry both emergency ballasts and dedicated emergency fixtures.

LED Emergency | Emergency Ballasts

LED Exit Signs

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