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Restaurant and Bar Lighting Solutions from Topbulb
Restaurant and Bar Lighting Solutions from Topbulb

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Classroom with desks and overhead lighting

Dining Areas

Lighting for dining areas in restaurants varies significantly depending on the type of establishment. For fine dining, the area lighting usually emphasizes decorative fixtures, small aperture downlights and accent lighting — all controllable for changing effects. The light sources for these types of dining environments typically are incandescent, halogen or LED. For everyday restaurants serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, the lighting tends to be more functional and might include fluorescent fixtures. The emphasis is on consistent light throughout the dining area. Dimmer control is less important.Whatever your situation, we offer a broad range of traditional replacement light bulbs along with LED and dimmer options for most applications.

Halogen Accent Bulbs | Incandescent | Fluorescent

Exposed Filament | LED | Dimmers

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bar with colored lighting


For bar areas, lighting supplies a critical component in establishing mood and effect. Halogen downlights or track lights frequently define the lighting over the bar. Decorative fixtures such as pendants with halogen or LED light sources or vintage lights may be used over nearby tables. Both types of bar lighting offer excellent opportunities to upgrade to very long life LED bulbs that fit the same fixtures and provide the equivalent light. The light level of all of these light sources can be modulated with dimmers to change the desired effect.

Halogen Accent Lights | Vintage Lighting

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kitchen with people in restaurant


The need for bright general lighting over the cooking and prep areas and the need to minimize unnecessary heat for the staff mean most restaurant kitchens use fluorescent ceiling fixtures. LED replacement lamps for fluorescent tubes offer an excellent upgrade to reduce maintenance and energy costs. Commonly, food warming lamps are also found in or adjacent to the cooking area. Topbulb supplies a full line of both fluorescent, LED and infrared lamps to meet the lighting requirements of today's commercial kitchens.

Fluorescent | LED Tubes | Warming Lamps

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restroom with stalls


Restrooms provide an opportunity to utilize occupancy control in a space that has sporadic useage. Simply installed as a direct replacement for existing switches, the sensors turn lights on when someone enters and turns the lights off after a pre-set time has elapsed.

Occupancy Sensors

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restaurant exterior with lighting


From a full selection of Sylvania, GE and value brand HID lamps to LED wallpacks to time clock and daylight controls suitable for exterior lighting, Topbulb can provide quality products for replacing or upgrading to energy saving, low maintenance exterior lighting options.

Metal Halide | String Lights

LED Wall Packs | Time Clocks | Exit Signs

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