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5 Tips To Prolong Bulb Life

  1. When installing new lamps always use gloves so that no fingerprints are left on the glass which will cause hot spots and early failure.
  2. Clean the air filters of the projector. Blocked filters cause lamp overheating.
  3. If you replace only the bulb into an existing housing, take care not to over tighten the terminals. Under tightening is not good either, so make sure there is good contact and then stop.
  4. When using the projector, always switch off the lamp only, or, use the remote control "off" which usually does the same. The key is to leave the fan running to allow the bulb to cool slowly. The temperature of an operating lamp is several thousand degrees F. Cooling a lamp too quickly is a leading cause of early lamp failure.
  5. Make sure the lamp is off and fully cooled before moving the projector. Mechanical shock of hot lamps is another cause of premature lamp failure.