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Projection lamps for digital front and rear projectors are usually high pressure discharge technology. When installed, the cage or housing that holds the bulb, ensures precise optical alignment for high quality projection. Topbulb carries both original (OEM) and compatible replacement lamp modules for over 50 brands and thousands of models of projectors, rear projection TVs and electronic whiteboards.

LCD / DLP Lamp Life

The average rated effective life of most LCD/DLP projector lamps is about 2000 hours. This could vary based frequency of use. The lamp usually won't "burn out" like regular light bulbs, but will slowly grow dimmer. Most projectors have a built-in lamp hour counter. Consult the counter to help anticipate the best time to purchase a replacement. When a replacement is purchased, install it and re-set the counter to zero. Store the old lamp for back-up in case there is a premature failure of the new lamp.