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July 14, 2014 marks the phase-out of the following 700 series T8 bulbs: 4-foot medium bi-pin, 2-foot U-shaped, 8-foot Slimline single pin and 8-foot high-output. The efficacy of 700 series T8's (CRI 70+) is lower than the new USDOE requirements. Only 800 or 900 series (CRI 80+, CRI 90+) T8 bulbs meet the energy and light quality standards. Any general service 700 series T8 bulbs will soon not be available, but can be sold until inventory is gone. The phase-out of these bulbs was scheduled for two years ago, but the limited supply and high cost of rare earth phosphors needed to manufacture 800 and 900 series bulbs caused the USDOE to delay the phase-out date.