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3-Way incandescent light bulbs allow the user to have three light output levels in one bulb. A 3-Way bulb has two filaments that can operated separately or in combination. For example, a 50/100/150 3-way bulb has a low power 50W filament, a medium power 100W filament, and, when both filaments are energized together, a high power 150W. A 3-Way bulb must be matched to a socket with 3 contacts and a switch with four positions: off, low power, medium power, high power.

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  1. 50/150 Bulb | 3-Way 50-100-150W 120V A21 Incandescent Medium Base
  2. Standard - 50/100/150W A21 3-Way Incandescent - Frost
  3. 50-100-150W Bulb | 120V A21 Incandescent Medium Base Soft White 3-Way
    Price: $2.95
    1 to 23 $2.95 each
    24 to 71 $2.06 each
    72 and above $2.00 each

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  4. 300M/IF Bulb 300W 130V PS30 Incandescent Frosted Medium Base
  5. Bulbrite 50/250/RP 3-Way Bulb | 50-200-250W 120V A23 Medium Base
    Price: $3.95
    1 to 5 $3.95 each
    6 to 17 $3.55 each
    18 and above $3.15 each
  6. Litetronics Duro-Lite LS4255 | 50-100-150W 120V A19 Incandescent 3-Way
  7. 100/300 Bulb 100-200-300W 120V PS25 Incandescent Mogul Base
  8. 70-170-240W Bulb | 120V A23 Incandescent Medium Base Soft White 3-Way
  9. 3-Way Neodymium Bulb | 50-100-150W 120V A21 Medium Base
  10. 45/140A21/W/ES/RP Bulb | 45/95/140W 3-Way Incandescent Medium Base
  11. Bulbrite 711025 50/150/N | 50-100-150W 3-Way Neodymium Bulb

11 Item(s)