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Glow Lamps

Glow Lamps are low wattage, long life discharge bulbs filled with neon or argon gas. Typical applications include indicator lights, pilot lights, location markers, mineral fluorescence and some specialized photographic uses.

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  1. Eiko 40000 A1A | 0.0006A 11V Neon T2 Clear Wire Term Base Bulb
  2. Eiko 40024 C2A | 0.0018A 110V Neon T2 Clear Wire Term Base Bulb
  3. 105-125V .001A Neon
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  4. Eiko 40002 A1B | 0.0003A 110V Neon T2 Clear Wire Term Base Bulb
  5. Eiko 40020 B7A | 0.002A 110V Neon T4 Clear Candelabra (E12) Base Bulb
  6. Eiko 40076 NE-51H-R Bulb | 105-125V T3 Neon Glow Lamp
  7. 105 - 125V, 0.3MA Neon - NE-51
  8. 55V/90V 6AC (NE-67) Neon Lamp
  9. Bulbrite B9A (NE-48) Neon Glow Lamp | 105-125V .002A T4-1/2 BA15d Base
  10. 90V .015A T4-1/2 Neon Glow Lamp Double Contact Bayonet Base (7AA)

10 Item(s)