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    Leviton OSFHU-ITW | High Bay Fixture Mount Occupancy Sensor - PIR

    Manufacturer: Picture for manufacturer Leviton

    The Leviton OSFHU high-bay occupancy sensor is specifically designed for high mounted areas such as warehouses, manufacturing and other high ceiling applications. The OSFHU installs directly to an industrial fluorescent luminaire or an electrical junction box. It is a self-contained sensor and relay that turns individual light fixtures on or off based on occupancy in the detection zone.

    The sensor comes with three interchangeable lenses for use in either a 360-degrees high-bay or 360-degrees low-bay general area or an aisle way. The OSFHU provides reliable coverage up to 40 ft. mounting heights.

    The OSFHU is also available in a model for cold storage applications with temperatures as low as -40° F. To improve the field-of-view for deep body fixtures, a separate offset adapter accessory (OSFOA-00W) can be used to position the sensor below the fixture body. The adapter simply snaps into a 1/2-inch knockout on the end of the industrial fixture to attach the sensor.

    OSFHU Description:

    High-Bay Fixture Mount Occupancy Sensor, Interchangeable Adjustable 360° Low Bay and (8'-20'), High Bay (20'-40') Lenses, Aisle Mask, Passive Infrared Technology, 120/208/220/230/240/277/347V; 50/60Hz. Quick-snap threaded nipple, Instant Start-up, Return-to-last state after power outage, Auto-Sensitivity gain from temperature increase, False-detection protection, Super Bright Green LED. NAFTA Compliant. Commercial Grade - White, Title 24 Compliant, ASHRAE 90.1 Compliant

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    Manufacturer part number: OSFHU-ITW
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