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LED T8 Tube

LED T8 lamps can be a cost effective replacement for traditional T8 fluorescent lamps. LED lamps save energy and require less maintenance because of longer life compared to fluorescent. These bulbs are commonly found in offices, schools, institutions, retail and other commercial and industrial spaces using troffers, strip lights, wraparounds other linear fixtures for general lighting.

LED retrofits for T8 fluorescent bulbs are available in three primary configurations:

Ballast Compatible (UL Type A): An LED lamp designed to operate on an existing T8 fluorescent ballast.

Ballast Bypass / Internal Driver (UL Type B): An LED lamp designed to operate off line voltage connected directly to the existing sockets.

Ballast Bypass / External Driver (UL Type C): An LED lamp designed to replace the existing T8 fluorescent lamp and operate off a new LED driver.

In addition, some LED T8 replacements are "dual mode" which allows the choice of either UL Type A or UL Type B installation.