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Hospitality Lighting Solutions from Topbulb
Hospitality Lighting Solutions from Topbulb

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hotel lobby


Hotel lobbies will range from modest, functional spaces to elaborate, make-a-statement spaces designed to impress. The functional lobby will likely have either fluorescent ceiling fixtures or recessed downlights designed to provide diffuse, even illumination throughout the space and check-in counter. Higher end lobbies usually have a combination of accent lighting, small aperture recessed downlights, wall sconces and decorative pendants or chandeliers. Topbulb offers replacement bulbs for all of these fixture types including direct replacement LED options for customers wanting to upgrade to higher efficiency and longer life light sources.

Surface Mount Fixtures | Recessed Downlights

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hotel hallway


Hotel hallways usually feature decorative ceiling surface mount fixtures or wall sconces to provide enough illumination for both easy navigation to a room and a sense of security when in the hallway. CFL and halogen bulbs are the most likely replacements for these types of fixtures. Topbulb also has many LED options that produce equivalent light and use the same base types for direct replacement.

Ceiling Fixtures | Halogen Bulbs

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hotel room


Hotel room lighting will usually consist of a ceiling mounted decorative or functional fixture just inside the room entry door with the remaining room illumination coming from table and floor lamps. Traditionally, hotels have relied on incandescent light bulbs for table and floor lamps as well as decorative fixtures, but many started using CFLs years ago to reduce energy costs. With common incandescent wattages now being phased out, CFL remains a good option, while LED deserves consideration for additional reduction in operating costs. Bathrooms often have fluorescent ceiling or vanity lighting in more modest hotels and downlights and decorative vanity fixtures in higher end lodging. Where tub and shower are separate units, the shower may have a shower-rated recessed ceiling light on a dedicated switch.

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large conference room

Conference Rooms

Hotels with conference facilities will have sizeable rooms for presentations usually employing a combination recessed downlights and decorative pendants. Dimming control is a key requirement for conference rooms so easily dimmed light sources such as halogen, dimmable CFL and now LED are the rule. Fluorescent cove lighting may also be used to provide ambient light throughout the space, but most often it is in conjunction with halogen downlights. When room lighting needs to be lowered, the cove lights can be switched off and the downlights dimmed.

Dimmers | Occupancy Sensors

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Lobby and Conference Restrooms

Because of intermittent use, hotel lobby and conference area restrooms provide an excellent opportunity to utilize occupancy control for energy cost savings. Installed as a direct replacement for existing wall switches or in ceilings for larger restrooms, the sensors turn lights on when someone enters and turns lights off after a pre-set time has passed.

Occupancy Sensors

hotel elevators


Elevator lighting is covered in the National Electrical Code. This code includes requirements for elevator car lighting, elevator machine room and the elevator pit. Topbulb offers common elevator car lamp replacements, plus new LED versions of the traditional incandescent and halogen elevator bulbs.

Elevator Replacement Bulbs

exit sign above door

Emergency & Exit

Safe evacuation of a hotel during an emergency places a high priority on quality exit and emergency lighting products. Topbulb has line of energy saving LED exit signs with different letter color and mounting options. In addition, we carry both emergency ballasts and dedicated emergency or emergency/exit fixtures.

LED Emergency Fixtures | Emergency Ballasts

LED Exit Signs

exterior of hotel with pool

Exterior, Security, Parking

We offer a full selection of Sylvania, GE and value brand HID lamps for maintaining security wallpacks and area/parking garage fixtures. In addition, we can supply quality LED wallpacks when it comes time for an energy efficiency and reduced maintenance upgrade. Topbulb also offers control devices, from Leviton and other manufacturers, such as photocells and time clocks for modulating ON/OFF times for landscape and other exterior lighting that does not need to be ON 24/7.

Metal Halide | High Pressure Sodium | Photocells

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