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Hospital Lighting Solutions from Topbulb
Hospital Lighting Solutions from Topbulb

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hospital room

Patient Rooms

Traditional fluorescent recessed troffers predominate as the general ambient light source in patient rooms. While Topbulb offers a full line of T8 fluorescent replacement lamps and ballasts, we also offer LED replacement options for lower maintenance and energy costs. In addition, we can supply traditional halogen or CFL recessed downlight replacement lamps, again with LED options. The availability of “tunable” light in some LED products allows patient rooms to be fitted with lighting that can be controlled to provide the natural red spectrum illumination supportive of night-time sleep and blue spectrum to encourage morning wake-up. Patient room may also benefit from controls such as bi-level switches or dimmers.

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hospital reception area

Reception & Lobby

Lighting in the reception area should be both inviting and calming while also functional for tasks related to check-in, form completion and reading. Warm color temperature replacements for fluorescent overhead lighting can add a low-key feel to the environment. For functional tasks, whiter light halogen or LED replacements, often in downlights, target sufficient illumination on the task without disrupting the overall inviting effect.

T8 Fluorescent | Electronic Ballasts

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hospital examination room

Examination Rooms

Appropriate lighting can help relax patients in the exam room making it easier for physicians to diagnose and assess medical issues. The key is control over color temperature of the light source — finding the right balance between calming warm light and whiter, brighter light for the focus of the exam. Topbulb offers a range of light bulb options to meet these needs including replacement bulbs for examination equipment.

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hospital surgery room

Surgery Rooms & Labs

As a long time supplier of specialty lighting for medical applications, Topbulb offers brands such as Sylvania, Welch Allyn, Excelitas, Ushio as well as value replacement lamps for surgery room equipment.

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hospital restroom

Corridors & Hallways

For staff and visitors, hallway lighting needs to provide sufficient illumination for safe navigation. This ambient, glare-free light is most commonly supplied by fluorescent ceiling fixtures, usually with cool white T8 bulbs. Since these bulbs most likely burn 24/7, energy saving, long life versions of standard T8 bulbs can be effective retrofits to reduce costs while still meeting the safety requirements of corridors.

Fluorescent Tubes

hospital elevator


Elevator lighting is covered in the National Electrical Code. This code includes requirements for elevator car lighting, elevator machine room and the elevator pit. Topbulb offers common elevator car lamp replacements, plus new LED versions of the traditional incandescent and halogen elevator bulbs.

Elevator Replacement Bulbs

hospital exit door with sign

Emergency & Exit

Clear exit paths and safe visitor evacuation of a hospital during an emergency places a high priority on quality exit and emergency lighting products. Topbulb has line of energy saving LED exit signs with different letter color and mounting options. In addition, we carry both emergency ballasts and dedicated emergency or emergency/exit fixtures.

LED Emergency Fixtures | Emergency Ballasts

LED Exit Signs

exterior of hospital at night

Exterior & Parking

Feeling safe when walking outside is a top priority for staff and visitors alike who may me coming or going at all times of day and night. Brightly illumination walkways and parking areas enhance feelings of comfort and security, while making it easier for people to read signage and navigate the site.

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