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Recessed Downlights

The commercial grade recessed ceiling fixtures in this category provide downlight and wallwash illumination that meet the requirements of most offices, retail, hospitality and institutional applications. The light source is an integrated LED array and driver that provides high efficacy and low maintenance.

New Construction: The LED downlights in this category are complete, integrated units - LED array, driver, trim and housing - ready for rough-in installation.

Retrofit: The retrofit category consists of LED array modules (including driver) that replace the lamp, reflector and trim of traditional CFL and incandescent / halogen downlights. The LED modules fit into the existing downlight housings. CFL retrofits will require removal or disabling of the existing ballast and some re-wiring.

Remodel: When adding recessed downlights as a remodel, the work usually takes place from below the ceiling. Remodel housings are designed specifically for this application. Select a housing from the Housing category below. The housing requires a trim / reflector piece and an LED light bulb that will screw into the socket (E26, GU10) in the housing.  Some LED array modules from the retrofit category may fit into the remodel housing, eliminating the need for a trim / reflector piece and separate LED bulb.

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More on recessed downlights - one of the most common light fixtures found in both commercial and residential spaces.

In individual offices, entry lobbies, reception areas, hallways, restaurants, retail merchandising, residential kitchens, family rooms and many other spaces, the clean, ceiling integrated look of recessed downlights makes it a fixture of choice.

Traditionally, recessed downlights were equipped with either ominidirectional R20 / BR30 / BR40 incandescent lamps or directional (sometimes aimable) halogen PAR20 / PAR30 / PAR38 lamps.

In the last 10 years, commercial installations have been dominated by higher efficiency CFL double tube and triple tube, pin based plug-in lamps mounted vertically or horizontally in the recessed “cans”.

Because of the low efficacy (lumens per watt) plus short life of incandescent / halogen and easy retrofit opportunity - pull out the existing bulb and trim, insert the LED module without re-wring - LED retrofit kits were one of the earliest LED fixture categories to develop and penetrate the market. 

While the commercial sector initially adopted CFL downlights as an energy saving and low maintenance alternative to incandescent / halogen, the better efficacy and significantly longer life of LED technology - not to mention generally higher quality illumination - has in the last few years pulled owners and facility managers toward the LED retrofit option.

For new construction, the development of commercial and architectural grade LED fixtures with high quality materials, LED arrays and optics to match virtually any downlight / wallwash requirement paved the way to quick adoption. The specification of LED recessed downlights in new commercial construction has become common.

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