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Company History

Topbulb, a Semmer Lighting Company, has been selling lighting products for over 80 years. We are in the business of selling specialty and general light bulbs along with other lighting products and accessories. We sell to customers all over the world. Before being known as Topbulb, we were widely known as Gray Supply Company. Read one of our old mail-order catalogs here.

We're a Source of Education

In an industry which is often confusing; Topbulb is committed to providing outstanding educational tools and customer service. There are many complicated, technical product choices. More than half of the calls and emails Topbulb receives are calls for help in identifying and selecting the right bulbs to use. We love helping you!

Huge Inventory - Quick Shipment

Topbulb prides itself on stocking over 250,000 lighting products for same day shipment, and is willing to add any new products to inventory that will serve our customers. We prefer to grow by meeting the ever changing needs of our present and future customers!

We'll Stock Almost Anything

Topbulb stocks many highly specialized product categories that specific customers have requested. They ask us to add products because

  • we ship in stock items the same day we receive an order
  • we always sell at deep discount prices
  • we're available by web, email, phone, or fax
  • we have knowledgeable, friendly customer reps who will provide personal help in solving problems
  • we offer a no nonsense guarantee that allows customers to return any purchase for refund or replacement within 30 days.


Topbulb, a Semmer Lighting Company

1051 Clinton Ave.
Buffalo, NY 14206
Telephone 800.867.2852
FAX 877.329.2852.