Vintage LEDs, Expanded Grow Lamps, and Birthday Celebration

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Hey Topbulbers! I hope you’re having the Topbulbest summer a Topbulber could ever have!

Our energy-saving tip for June is to turn off lights if you don’t want them on and generating heat all the time. Incandescent and halogen bulbs get especially hot!

I wanted to share with you some of our exciting developments in June. Things are heating up at Topbulb this summer, despite the cool weather and rain we’ve been getting in the Midwest.

Popular Vintage Bulbs – Now in LED

For years, some of our coolest and most popular and affordable bulbs have been vintage Edison lights. These light bulbs are designed to mimic the very warm light of early 20th century exposed filament lamps.

We’ve traditionally carried incandescent versions from Bulbrite, and started stocking a few from Standard earlier this year as we expanded the category.

But this June, we began carrying and stocking LED versions of these popular bulbs in a variety of bases and shapes. They may look a little “off” when unplugged, but the light is simply beautiful when the bulbs are turned on.

Vintage lights are great for any occasion, from weddings to patios, and are some of the most popular types of lighting for restaurants and bars. They look great in string lights or in traditional fixtures, and use 90% less energy than their incandescent counterparts.

Expanded Grow Lamps Offering

While the sun finally emerged everywhere in the country in June and plants started strutting their stuff, we focused on indoor horticulture and extended our line of professional grow lamps.

The unsurpassed quality of Hortilux and Ushio HID bulbs brings all the plant growth benefits of sunlight to greenhouses and hydroponic applications.

With high pressure, high output HPS and metal halide lamps, optimized for both red and blue spectrum light, growers can fine tune the plant growth environment for quality production.

Happy Birthday to our Summer Intern

Please help us wish our favorite summer intern, Kevin, a happy nineteenth birthday. No other important employees have a birthday in June, so it was important we remember and celebrate Kevin’s.

Everyone in the office loves atomic cake, so we had a small celebration for him a couple of weeks ago.

So if you’re in the area and it’s your birthday, Topbulbers, stop in when you pick up your bulbs and ask for a slice of cake. Tell them “Andrew sent me,” and ask for our current coupon code to be applied to your order. Save 5% or more on your entire purchase from Topbulb when you pick up lamps and fixtures in person.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to shop at Topbulb; your feedback, suggestions, and questions are greatly appreciated.

Please remember, you can contact me at anytime with questions, concerns, and feedback. My personal email is


Andrew Shebath

Andrew Shebath

Business Systems and Operations Manager, Topbulb

Manager’s Top Products for June

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Hortilux - 1000W Super HPS - Grow Lamp
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Andrew is the Business Systems and Operations Manger of Topbulb. He has been in the lighting industry for 8 years.

One thought on “Vintage LEDs, Expanded Grow Lamps, and Birthday Celebration

  1. David Easter says:

    I have read a lot about these vintage light bulbs but never actually seen them in use. I have seen them used in pictures and they do look a very warm light. All lamps have popular applications and as you say, they probably create the best atmosphere in restaurants and bars etc.

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