Using Lights to Create Some Fright

close up shot of light bulb filament lit up

Halloween is just a few weeks away. While you have probably given plenty of thought to your costume, have you thought about decorating your house?

While most decorated houses have the typical tombstones, skeletons, spider webs and ghost the ones that stand out have one thing is common…great use of lighting.

You can use colored lights, string lights, black lights and even timers to help create the spookiest house on the block. The following tips can help turn your house from ho-hum to haunted!

Color is very important to setting the mood or enhancing your setup.  You can use dark blue lights or black lights to create a dark, creepy and eerie mood.  Using blue bulbs, flood lights or standard black light bulbs help achieve this effect.

Shadows can be created with various colors in dimly lit rooms and provide that extra tension for high quality scares.  Using red and orange flickering lights in dark rooms or in outdoor shaded areas help create these perfect shadows.

Other colors that can be used are:
Green for an eerie radioactive or alien invading ambiance

Purple can be used in a similar manner as blue to set a dark mood

White lights can be used to create a stark and empty feeling

All these lighting ideas can be combined with fog machines and timers in places of strobe lights for a less headaches inducing effect.


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Happy Haunting!

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