Topbulb Now Carrying [Redacted] UVC Bulbs

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For years, Topbulb has carried a wide range of UVC germicidal bulbs for a multitude of makes and models. Our germicidal bulb page has 110 individual brands whose equipment use the bulbs that we carry.

Many of these bulbs have both consumer and specialty uses. You might find one in a pond filter, a piece of medical equipment, or even an air purifier. The common denominator is using a germicidal bulb to kill allergens, bacteria, mold, and other harmful compounds.

Today, we’ve added a new brand to our list: [redacted]. Whether you have the PA-160, PA-260, PAD, PCM, PWM, or PHW model of [redacted] air purifiers, we carry or can get the replacement UV bulb you need for your equipment.

[redacted] provides in-duct, portable, surface disinfectant, and air disinfectant systems for purifying the air in either your home or veterinary clinic. A handful of these purifiers use ultraviolet light to kill airborne germs that can circulate throughout a facility.

If all you have in hand is the bulb, it can be very difficult to determine the exact bulb you need. In many cases, you would have to call the manufacturer of the equipment, who may charge double or triple the price for the same exact bulb you could purchase through a specialty light bulbs store.

That’s why we’ve made it easier to find the correct replacement [redacted] UVC bulbs you need. Save money, stock up on germicidal replacement lamps, and receive free shipping on orders over $75.00 from Topbulb.

But be careful! With our lower prices, you might have to buy an extra bulb or two with all that extra money you’ll be saving 😉 Or, take your savings and spend them where it’s important: on food, treats, toys, and trips to the spa for your pets.

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Nick Heeringa

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