Topbulb Makes Christmas Lighting Easier

Christmas lights on house at night with snow on ground

It feels a little bit like winter here in the Midwest, with cloudy skies and the temperature falling precipitously at night. So what better time, 4 months before Christmas Day, to make it easier for you, our awesome customers, to buy holiday lights.

Expansion of Christmas Lights on Topbulb

Christmas lights shopping used to be a bit of a confusing experience on our site. We sell plenty of string lights, icicles, and replacement bulbs, but all of these items weren’t conveniently located in one place.

We addressed that issue a few days ago, launching an entire new section dedicated only to Christmas lighting. You can now browse strings, icicles, incandescent and LED C-shape bulbs, colored LED mini globes, and LED S-shape bulbs.

Additionally, we also threw in all of our coolest illuminated candles (LED and incandescent), which are some of our biggest sellers between Halloween and Christmas. We also added our most popular timers, so you can enjoy fine-grain control of your lighting system without having to worry about turning it on and off.

Future of Christmas Lighting on Topbulb

Over the next few months, we’ll be adding even more Christmas lights and related items to our catalog. We’re excited to expand our line, with both traditional lights, retro Christmas bulbs, and new unique LED products that are perfect for Christmas trees and lawn decorations.

It’s an exciting time to be a Topbulber, so we hope you continue with us on our journey to being the #1 most awesome lighting website in the USA.

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Nick Heeringa

Nick is a writer, publisher and editor for the Topbulb blog. Check back often for more of his writing on lighting applications and announcements for the Topbulb website and blog!

2 thoughts on “Topbulb Makes Christmas Lighting Easier

  1. Boby says:

    Thanks for the information because it’s not Christmas but people like me who love to decorate always looking for new lighting updates which are economic and stylish.

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