Tis the Season for LED Holiday Lights

Save on LED holiday bulbs and use coupon code TIMER for a free timer

It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas, especially in the Midwest where the temperature has been below freezing for much of this week. Here are some of our current deals and promotions to kick off the holidays.

Free Mechanical Timer

To celebrate the start of the holiday season, Topbulb is offering a free mechanical timer on all orders over $25 with use of the coupon code TIMER.

What’s the use of a mechanical timer, you ask? And what does it have to do with Christmas trees or lights? A mechanical timer can be used to control the times of day your holiday lights are on and off, without you having to plug and unplug the lights yourselves.

Simply set up the timer, plug your lights into it, and enjoy hassle-free lighting throughout the holiday season. Even better, save money by automatically turning the lights off during the day when the sun is out.

LED holiday candles back in stock at Topbulb

LED Candles Are Back

One of our most popular promotions of the past couple months was for LED candles around Halloween. Not just for spooky occasions, LED candles can be used for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and for any situation where candlelight is used to set the mood.

We sold out of our last stock in a matter of hours, so we made sure to have enough this time. But get as many as you can before they’re gone or before the price goes up!

The most popular light was the LED tea light, followed by the regular LED candle. We also carry an incandescent candle.

Holiday string lights from Topbulb

String Lights

Finally, how about some good, old fashioned string lights? The ones that you can never quite untangle and which seem to stay attached to the Christmas tree whether you want them to or not, but the lights that complete the look for the holidays.

In addition to classic incandescent lights, we have newer-generation LED versions that burn cooler and last longer. No more frustration as the bulbs burn out, leaving your tree vaguely speckled rather than lit up properly.

Get them in boxes of 50-300 lights per string for the incandescent, and 25-35 per string for the LED version.

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