Standard LED Wall Packs Promotion

Standard LED wall packs

Our promo this week was all about LED wall packs from Standard Products of Canada.

Over the past few months, we’ve been expanding our light fixtures line by the week, and LED wall packs are one of our newest additions.

Available in a number of colors and varieties, these items are ideal forĀ  external commercial and residential building mounted fixtures. Their designed purpose is for safety and security outside of a building.

A few of the places where you’ll find wall packs are… everywhere! In a short drive around the neighborhood, I noticed wall packs in the following locations:

  • Lining the entrance of an underground parking garage downtown
  • Outside of several fast food restaurants, especially in the drive-thru area
  • At nearly every entrance and along the walkway of a local community college

Our newer LED wall packs have an array built into the fixture that optimizes the intensity and distribution of the light. They save energy compared to traditional wall packs that use CFL, high pressure sodium, or metal halide lamps.

The wall packs in our LED category can also be controlled by photocells, which you can browse in our controls category.

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Finally, don’t pass up an opportunity to save on your bulk order of LED wall packs. Use promo code SPRING10 when checking out to save $10 off of your order of $150 or more.

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