Product Spotlight – SunSun LED A19 60-Watt Replacement Bulb

SuNSun LED Light Bulbs

With the rise of LEDs, there was a chance for smaller players to break into the market. However, at big box stores like Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Menard’s, the shelves are stocked with only the big brands. While Philips, GE, and Sylvania make excellent products (many of which we stock and sell), consumers at big box stores are offered an extremely limited number of options when shopping for LED bulbs. Now that LEDs are mainstream and coming down in price, the opportunity is huge online but seemingly limited in retail stores.

This is why we’d like to introduce you to SunSun Lighting LEDs. These bulbs replace general service incandescent bulbs of all shapes and sizes, but our favorite product of theirs is their LED 60-watt replacement bulb. For half the cost of similar bulbs from the big name manufacturers, SunSun’s product makes a great upgrade from your old Edison bulb.

SunSun 60W 2700K Warm White Bulb

This particular bulb is a warm white color (like incandescent), but uses only 9.5 watts compared to 60 for the bulb it is designed to replace. Where some new LEDs are heavy, the SunSun is remarkably light. The bulb should comfortably fit in nearly any fixture.

Light on your wallet and in your hand, omnidirectional and dimmable, the bulb makes an excellent alternative to inefficient 60 watt Edison bulbs.

Perhaps the best testimonial to the product is that several of us at the Topbulb office have purchased the bulb and are using it in our own homes — and are ecstatic about its performance! Whether it’s in the kitchen or a garage, the price and quality of this little bulb are hard to beat.

The only drawback? You won’t find it on store shelves (at least, not yet). You’ll have to order it online.

SunSun 9.5W LED A19 SI-JA19E26D09-27SV Key Features:

SunSun 60W 2700K Warm White Bulb

  • Energy efficient to save money on energy expenses
  • Dimmable to set the mood (but check our LED dimmer compatibility lists)
  • No mercury or ultraviolet radiation, so no time-consuming, dangerous cleanup
  • 25,000 hours life warranty so you (almost) never have to replace it
  • Lightweight so it won’t weigh down your ceiling fixtures
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