Product Spotlight: Standard LED Reflector Flood

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Although we may never see a 25-cent LED light bulbs, LEDs have been decreasing in price drastically. Prices fell 9% between 2013 and 2014, while the technology has been getting more efficient.

LED reflector floods have been one of the areas that the technology has had to catch up to. Because LEDs are inherently directional, creating a broad distriubtion flood or reflector flood version was not as easy as designing a more directional PAR lamp.

The difference between incandescent reflector floods and halogen Parabolic Reflectors (PAR lamps) is the diffusion of light from the flood. With a PAR, more optical beam control control can be achieve for accent lighting applications. PAR bulbs also have clear or special lens coverings.  The incandescent flood generates a flood beam spread through the use of a general reflecting surface and broad distribution diffuser built into the lamp.

That brings us to our present featured product, a dimmable 8 watt LED reflector flood manufactured by Standard Products. It is the most affordable and energy efficient general reflector flood we carry in a standard medium base.

(The 20 in R20 indicates the diameter of the bulb in 1/8ths of an inch. To find the diameter in inches, we multiply 20 by 1/8 to get 2.5 inches for this particular lamp.)

This LED bulb is equivalent in light output to a 50W R20 incandescent flood, while using only 16% of the energy that the incandescent uses. It can be used in open fixtures and damp locations, and is compatible with most dimmers.

One common LED question revolves around bulb failure. If you spend $20 on a bulb and it dies, what do you do? Standard offers a 3-year warranty on this LED bulb, so if it fails prematurely, you can easily obtain a replacement.

With 500 lumens, a 2700K color temperature, and 25,000 hours of rated life, this LED R20 is one of the most competitive alternatives to regular incandescent reflector floods.

This bulb is a great option for a number of lighting applications, from recessed downlights in a home, to hotels and office lobbies. And you can’t get one of these Standard Products brand bulbs anywhere else online, so get them before they’re gone!

Standard 62431 LED/R20/8W/27K/D/STD Key Features:

Standard Products 8W R20 LED Reflector Flood

  • Long Life 25,000 Hours
  • Uses 8W to replace 50W incandescent
  • Dimmable and compatitble with many dimmers
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Warm light similar to incandescent
  • Lamp diameter of 2.5 inches
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