Product Spotlight: Standard Color-Changing LED Strip

Brightly Colored LED Strip Lights

This week’s product spotlight is one of the more unique, entertaining, and consumer-oriented products we have in our warehouse. It’s a color-changing LED strip lighting kit, with 16.4 feet of lighting, an LED driver, and a remote control.

One of the coolest aspects of LED strips is the variety of colors they come in. We have them in blue, red, warm white, and numerous other colors are also available. Strips that change color at the press of a button, though, are a little more uncommon.

We featured a Standard Products bulb last week, too, the energy-saving CFL yellow bug light. Interestingly enough, you could change the color of these trip lights to a yellow hue, and also use them to keep insects away.

Beyond just keeping bugs away, color-changing strip lights are useful for setting any kind of mood you want, from a cool relaxing blue to a more intimate reddish-orange light.

At 16.4 feet, there is a lot of strip lighting to work with. If your space doesn’t require that much, the strips can be cut at set intervals, and put back together.

The customizable length of the product is one of its best features. Whether you’re wrapping it around a larger porch or using it as under-lighting for set pieces in a bedroom or living room, you can mix and match the strips to find the length that’s right for your application.

Strip lights are all the rage these days, as they can give any room ambient lighting. Factor in color-changing, and you can change the atmosphere of any room or living space to meet your needs.

Key Features:

Standard Products color changing LED strip lights

  • Create numerous patterns and colors with the color-changing strips
  • Strips remain cool to touch
  • No need to buy separate LED driver — comes included
  • Saves energy with solid-state LED technology
  • Cuttable every 3 15/16 inches
  • Long life of 50,000 hours
  • Emits no UV radiation
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