Product Spotlight: Power Squid a Better Way to Plug In Electronic Devices

power strip with many items plugged in

Surge protectors are one of the most useful, popular electronic devices around. Is there any house, office, or school that doesn’t have at least a handful of them? Larger businesses may need a pallet-load of them.

The main problem with the conventional power strip surge protector is that many devices do not have a conventional plug. While a surge protector may have 5, 6, or 10 outlets in one or two strips, surrounding sockets are useless if a giant block of a plug takes up the space of three or four regular plugs with two or three prongs.

Computer monitors, printers, and video game systems are some of the worst offenders in this are, having giant blocks that need to be plugged into an outlet. In these cases, a power strip is little better than a grounded wall outlet, as only a couple of these larger plugs will fit into the sockets.

One solution is using multiple power strips, but virtually every manufacturer advises against “chaining” them. And having multiple chained strips to make it easier to plug in several devices that take up too much space to begin with can result in a mess of tangled wires.

Unfortunately, you can’t simply do away with surge protectors, as they protect the delicate inside components of TVs, computers, monitors, and printers, among many other items. Not using a surge protector can even void manufacturer warranties, and the small surges that occur every day in a home or office can result in damage.

The solution is to use a power strip that protects against surges, but separates the outlets enough to be able to use all of them comfortably. The Power Squid, manufactured by Power Sentry, accomplishes this. It comes with a three foot cord between the wall socket and the item, and contains five individual sockets to which almost any device can be plugged into.

This solves so many problems with home and office equipment usage. Anyone who has a home office or an entertainment center knows the feeling of configuring plugs and blocks so that everything fits in, or of running extension cords from one side of a room to the other to use an outlet that would be available if a giant block of an outlet wasn’t blocking two or three unused outlets on a regular power strip.

The Power Sentry Power Squid converts one grounded outlet into five individual outlets. Have a plug that takes up too much space? No problem, just move it out of the way. Don’t sacrifice two or three sockets to plug in a device.

Most importantly, don’t waste money on conventional surge protectors when you know you won’t be able to use all of the outlets anyway!

Power Sentry Power Squid Key Features:

image of power squid with five outlets

  • Five autonomous outlets means more space for plugs
  • One outlet becomes five grounded adapter-ready sockets
  • Five individual cords have more flexibility than standard power strips
  • Perfect for office work, home improvement projects, and marina/RV power
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