Product Spotlight: Illuminated Dog Collar (and Bonus Leash)

Black Dog

Whether you work the late shift, or want to take your dog to the local protest and riot, you’ll want to make sure your four-legged friend stays safe and visible. You never know when you’ll come across an unaware driver, a coyote, or a dangerous pothole.

One way to do keep yourself and your dog safer is by carrying a light while walking outside. Keychain or clip-on flashlights are a good idea, as are regular handheld flashlights, but these both take a lot of manual work to hold, point, and shine at the ground or objects.

A much better solution is an illuminated dog collar, which solves a lot of problems. If you have a longer leash, your dog may be able to run out into the street or across a driveway where a car is backing out and unable to see your pet. The illumination of the collar can be a clue to drivers that there is something moving in the path of their vehicle, either in front or behind it.

If your leash breaks, a lighted collar can also be a safety device so you can locate your dog if it gets away. While loyal, dogs are also easily distracted. If it spots a rabbit and breaks out of the harness or leash, the animals may be out of sight before you know it. With an illuminated collar, you stand a better chance of finding the dog sooner.

Finally, an illuminated collar is a good idea from the dog’s perspective. It will be able to see better at night, whether on a walk or in the backyard. It will also be more likely to be rescued and returned to you, as stray dogs are unlikely to be wearing a lighted collar with identification tags.

This dog collar from Polybrite is one of our least well-known products, as is the case with much of our safety gear. But safety consists of more than wearing a helmet and vest — it also involves being more visible through the use of light. A black dog being held by a black leash can be nearly invisible at night. Unless you take some precautions and make it more visible to drivers.

(If you’re interested in the illuminated dog collar, take a close look at its related item: the illuminated pet safety leash.)

Key Features:

illuminated dog collar

  • Size Extra Large to fit larger dogs
  • Battery life of 200 hours
  • Replace with standard watch battery
  • Visibility of up to 1 mile!
  • Weather and shock resistant to keep your dog safe in rain or snow
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