Product Spotlight: Bulbrite Energy Efficient PAR Halogens

recessed downlights in ceiling

This week’s featured product is a halogen replacement for another banned light bulb. Many directional bulbs have been phased out of production since July 14, 2012, including PAR20, PAR30LN, PAR30, and BR40 bulbs.

These lamps are often used in track lighting and small aperture recessed downlights in residential buildings. While the government would prefer property owners to switch to compact fluorescent or LED alternatives, the payback in terms of energy savings does not make sense for many people.

In many homes, lights are only on for a few hours a day in any given room. With daylight coming in through windows, and people being out of the house for work, school, and other activities, light bulbs usage may be 2-3,000 hours a year. Switching from a $5 PAR20 halogen lamp to a $25-$50 bulb will reduce energy costs, but the payback in terms of money saved can be half a decade or more.

Thus, an energy efficient variant of traditional lighting makes far more sense for the average homeowner instead of switching to a CFL or LED. The product we are talking about is a 39 watt PAR20 narrow flood light manufactured by Bulbrite. This bulb is a substitute for a 50PAR20 halogen bulb, saving energy while sacrificing little of the light output.

Even better, they are less than $6 a lamp, $15-$20 less than an equivalent medium-quality LED bulb. A premium LED replacement, while using only 8 watts, would also cost over $30 per bulb, a significant investment for a homeowner to use in a room where the lights aren’t on for long periods of time. These halogens are also dimmable (although dimming halogens can reduce bulb life), where a dimmable CFL PAR20 would be prohibitively expensive, if one is available at all.

Not every bulb that burns out needs to be replaced with an expensive LED version, despite big box stores pushing LEDs to the exclusion of traditional forms of lighting. And despite the government bulb ban, incandescent and halogen technology will not disappear. On the contrary, manufacturers will develop more efficient forms of the old tech alongside the new. The Bulbrite Eco-Halogen PAR20 bulbs are a perfect example of this.

Bulbrite 682430 H39PAR20NF/ECO/2PK Key Features:

Bulbrite 39W PAR20 bulbs

  • Meets Federal efficiency standards
  • 530 Lumens
  • Replaces a 50W incandescent of equivalent brightness
  • Estimated life of 1,500 hours
  • Neutral white color temperature of 2900K
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