New Topbulb Office Signs

Our old Topbulb signs have become nearly a landmark in our local area. Everyone knows “the light bulb company on the boulevard” around here. But time and nature had not treated our street signs very well, resulting in half of the two-sided sign blowing away during various thunderstorms.

Unfortunately, we never recovered any of those pieces of the large, wooden sign, which were probably taken by the city streets department and discarded. But on the other hand, this gave us a great opportunity to get some new signs. After giving our website a facelift last December, it was past time to give our local presence the same treatment.

Enjoy the before-and-after photos of our new Topbulb signs!

Topbulb sign you see traveling south

This side of the sign was in the best condition, missing only 1/3 of it. Still, the new version looks much better.

Topbulb sign you see driving north

This sign was an abomination, with the top 2/3 of it going missing over the years. A much-needed improvement.

We designed the sign in-house using the theme and color scheme of our main website. But a big “Thank You!” goes out to Region Signs, who recommended the material, fabricated the sign, and delivered it when it was ready. Another big “Thank You!” goes out to Illiana Sign Co., who came and put up this sign and one other, which is on our building. You can see that smaller sign below.

sign on Topbulb building

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Nick Heeringa

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