New Products, New Categories, and Musings from the Road

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Hey Topbulbers! Thanks for sticking with us through the hot summer month of July. Happy Topbulb-dependence Day!

Our Topbulb Top Lighting Tip of the Month is to always replace light bulbs when they burn out. Or else you might not be able to see once the sun goes down. But also remember to turn working lights off if you want to go to bed!

We’ve had a lot of important developments in the company and on the website over the last month, which I’d like to take a minute to talk about.

New Products

Throughout July and into August, we’ve been busy adding new products every single day. These aren’t just new and improved LED versions of old products, but newer, lower-priced alternatives for some of your favorite lamps and fixtures.

We went back to a number of our vendors, got improved pricing and product lists, and have been adding items that we feel we can offer for the most competitive prices.

One of the most exciting batches of new products was upgrading our entire LED line from Standard from Generation 3 to Generation 4. These new bulbs look better, have improved technology, cost less, and are even more energy efficient than the older lights.

Another item I was excited to see made available on our site is the Sylvania ITOS Welch Allyn Otoscope replacement bulb. Welch Allyn makes great equipment used in medical offices all over the country, and Osram Sylvania makes some of the highest quality lighting products on the market today. What better fit than for Sylvania to develop an LED replacement bulb for Welch Allyn otoscopes?

New Categories

New product categories added in July reflect new product offerings as we expand our reach into all facets of lighting.

To complement our grow bulbs, which we announced in June, we added a category for grow light fixtures and populated it with the Sylvania Zelion line of LED horticulture fixtures. Equipped with powerful LEDs selected to match the absorption peaks of chlorophyll for enhanced plant propogation, these fixtures represent state-of-the-art LED horticulture lighting.

Sign ballasts is another new category added in July. Illuminated signs require special ballasts to accommodate both the high output fluorescent lamps as well as the range of temperature conditions for outdoor signage.

While LED versions of traditional light bulbs are commonly available, manufacturers are beginning to offer LED options for unique lamps. One of these is an LED Linestra line of linear tubes for bathroom vanity applications. Out new category offers LED tubes that replace traditional linear incandescent tubes with the unusual side base configuration.

Notes from the Road

I’ve been traveling quite a bit around Chicagoland and elsewhere, taking care of our vendors and clients. Some of my most productive phone calls have been under the overhead speakers at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago. There’s nothing quite like the hustle and bustle of an airport to spur creative ideas that need to be shared with employees on the spot.

I’m also happy to announce we are continuing to hire and retain interns here at the Topbulb office. This is exciting, as we get to contribute to young people’s education by giving them a taste of the digital ecommerce world. Ecommerce and digital marketing are two big holes in the current educational system, especially in the era of Amazon and Google.

Topbulb is currently employing 3 college age students, with plans to add at least 3 more to assist with product pricing, advertising, sales, HR, purchasing, and our warehouse operations.

So until next month, “Keep On Topbulbin’!”

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to shop at Topbulb; your feedback, suggestions, and questions are greatly appreciated.

Please remember, you can contact me at anytime with questions, concerns, and feedback. My personal email is


Andrew Shebath

Andrew Shebath

Business Systems and Operations Manager, Topbulb

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Andrew is the Business Systems and Operations Manger of Topbulb. He has been in the lighting industry for 8 years.

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