How Can A New Open Office Ceiling Transform the Work Space?

Soundlight Ceiling Lights

If you work in a large open office, you know the mind numbing monotony these spaces can create. Researchers have long believed part of the problem may be the ceiling. Because dynamic office spaces with many workstations require acoustic control, the standard ceiling is composed of suspended acoustic tiles. Since offices also require light, the typical approach has been to install recessed, fluorescent lighting to fit neatly into the ceiling in place of several acoustic tiles. The result is a patchwork of sound softening tiles and zones of light across the ceiling. People who work under these ceilings complain both of insufficient noise control and inconsistent lighting.

Now Philips Lighting and Saint-Gobain Ecophon, a global supplier of acoustic systems, has collaborated on a new light emitting acoustic ceiling that could transform the open office environment.

Named the Soundlight Comfort Ceiling Tunable White, this ceiling system integrates superior acoustic control with uniform programmable lighting. You get uninterrupted (and improved) sound softening plus efficient, high quality lighting in the same component across the entire ceiling. The invisible LED lighting system can be programmed to change brightness and shades of white throughout the workday. By simulating natural variations in daylight, the depressing sameness of the traditional open office is replaced by a more inspiring work environment.

The Soundlight Comfort Ceiling is designed for installation in both new and existing offices.

Learn more about this ceiling.

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Dave Burtner

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