Museums Find’s Specialty Bulbs A “Work Of Art”

East Chicago, IN (2000) Hours were spent preparing the perfect art exhibit. Paintings and sculptures were carefully positioned around a gallery that will soon be full of people eager to study, enjoy and critique. But as the lights are turned on, the display bulbs that were supposed to radiate a perfect light and capture the beauty of these masterpieces cast yellow and orange hues. The artist is disappointed and visitors were completely unimpressed. And worst of all, the gallery owner did not sell a single piece. Where can they turn for help?

There’s a full-range of quality-made display bulbs for museums, artists and galleries at carries an extensive line of specialty bulbs that cast a new light on the great works of the past and cast the right light on new masterpieces being created today.

The SoLux bulb, for example, radiates a perfect, natural light and illuminates the colors of a painting rather than distorting hues. Designed to allow more color from the blue end of the visual spectrum, Solux replicates full-spectrum broad daylight. Furthermore, SoLux has the lowest UV output of any display lamp available today; artwork remains unharmed after hours of use.

The natural light of SoLux and other display bulbs found at allows visitors to truly appreciate the beauty of art. SoLux is the display bulb of choice for museum curators and gallery owners at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., the Los Angeles County Museum, the Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester and the Van Gogh Museum in the Netherlands.

“The correct display bulb is an important component in the presentation of a new piece of artwork or setting up an exhibit,” said Bruce Hawkins, artist and gallery owner. “ carries an extensive line of display bulbs which makes it the ideal resource for any artist searching for just the right light. The ordering is painless and next day delivery saves me time.”

With over 70 years of experience and a huge inventory, is one of the largest multi-channel distributors of hard-to-find replacement light bulbs for the medical, educational, commercial, photographic, emergency vehicle and consumer markets. In addition to servicing lighting needs, provides a fast and convenient way for business-to-business customers and consumers to find the right product for their application.

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Dave Burtner

Dave has been active in the lighting industry since 1994. Formerly a member of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America and certified by the National Council On Qualifications for Lighting Professionals, Dave now writes blog posts, lighting tips and provides lighting product assistance for the Topbulb website.