New LEDs, Equipment Cross References, and Local Business Expo

Topbulb booth at Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce Business Expo

Dear Customers,

At Topbulb, we like to be industry pioneers, we love to learn about lighting, and we’re not willing to follow when we can become leaders ourselves. Topbulb is definitely in the middle of this new age of lighting, but we work each day to keep the old-school customer service we built our reputation on.

I’d like to take some time and tell you about a couple ways we’re making your experience at Topbulb better.

New LED Additions

I want to mention a couple of our new LED additions.

Flexible LED tape and rope lights offer endless opportunities to get creative with lighting. At the same time, these products perform well in traditional applications such as cove and display case lighting.

We also recently added LED flat panels designed to fit in the dropped ceiling grids found in offices, institutions and the occasional residential kitchen. These panels provide an energy efficient alternative to fluorescent troffers and they are easy to install.

I encourage you to checkout our growing product line of LED bulbs and fixtures.

Equipment Cross-References

As you browse the Topbulb site, you may have noticed the “Equipment Used In” tab on certain products (like this BBA lamp). These cross references are searchable from anywhere on the site and are designed to make it easier to find replacement bulbs for your exact equipment.

We know that replacing a burnt-out bulb isn’t your primary job, and researching the exact replacement is just as big of a hassle as having the light burn out to begin with. While we can’t prevent lights from burning out, we can make it easier for you to find the bulb you need in the least amount of time.

Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce Business Expo

Finally, late last month we participated in the 2014 Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce Business Expo. We had a great time meeting people, handing out candy and lighting advice, and enjoying the Women in Business luncheon panel. We look forward to next year’s expo.

Please remember, you can contact me at anytime with questions, concerns, and feedback. My personal email is


Andrew Shebath

Andrew Shebath

Business Systems and Operations Manger, Topbulb

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Andrew is the Business Systems and Operations Manger of Topbulb. He has been in the lighting industry for 8 years.