Light Bulbs for Mothers Day a Great Gift Idea

Locket with Mom Engraving

Mother’s Day is coming up this Sunday, and flowers, cards, and chocolate seem to be the most popular gifts. Why not do something more creative, practical, longer-lasting, and unique this year with some of Topbulb’s most interesting and relevant lighting products?

Here are three types of light bulbs and accessories to consider getting for your mother, wife, girlfriend, or just any mom who deserves a little something on this special day!

Plant Accent Light

Plant Accent Light

If your mom is the type to use plants to beautify the home, then this accent light is a perfect addition. The halogen lights are more energy efficient than incandescents, and the spot lights will provide some under-lighting for plants. These kits originally had a MSRP close to $40, but are available on Topbulb for less than $10. Each kit comes with two lights, and are great for illuminating indoor plants. One great idea may be to combine the lights with the flowers your purchase at a local flower shop.

Scented Light Bulb

Scented Light Bulbs

A novelty, these scented light bulbs may be a great addition to a kitchen or dining room. Choose among bulbs with the scent of lilac, berries, vanilla spice and nutmeg, country home, and more. All of our scented bulbs have a candelabra base, so will not fit in a standard light bulb socket. Of course, if you want one of these bulbs anyway, we also offer a socket adapter to plug a bulb with a candelabra base into a standard socket.

Purple Keychain Light

LED Keychain Flashlights

The most practical of our gift ideas, these small lights can be clipped to a purse, keychain, or jacket and will provide a handy, long-lasting light that is both unobtrusive and powerful. They come in a variety of colors, and put out a lot of light despite their small size. We offer the lights in purple, green, yellow, and many other colors. One of our most popular small items, stock up, because once our current inventory is gone, they’re gone!

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Nick Heeringa

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