Light Bulbs for Fathers Day a Great Gift Idea

Father and son

With Fathers Day less than two weeks away, now is the perfect time to find the perfect gift for your dad, grandfather, brother, boyfriend, or just any great dad that you know. And light bulbs and lighting accessories are some of the coolest, most useful, and most economical gift ideas around!

Here are some of our current specials, just in time for Father’s Day this year.

Gray clip-on flashlight LED


LED keychain flashlights are some of the coolest gifts for any occasion, whether it’s Mother’s Day, Fourth of July, or birthdays. They also make great stocking stuffers or novelty gifts for any time of the year. Father’s Day is perfect for a small, endlessly handy, and inexpensive gift. Consider both a clip-on type of flashlight, or one that comes with a keychain. We also have a unique Forever Flashlight (while supplies last!), which don’t use batteries!

Flood light bulb changer

Safety and Work Gear

Working in the garage and need a light? Consider a work light with a guard and swivel. The guard protects the bulb, while the swivel lets you see anything anywhere!

Taking the dog for a walk after an extra-long day of work? Keep your pet safe with an illuminated dog collar. Now you can play fetch in the backyard all night, or take the pooch for an early morning run.

Need to change a light bulb but don’t want to get up on a ladder? These bulb changers are great for changing flood lights that might be on the ceiling and in a recessed fixture. Pole sold separately, but also available. With a light bulb changer, you can save time and your knees every time you need to change a light.

Vintage medium base light bulb

Cool and Useful Stuff

Finally, we have some plain old cool lights available. Vintage “Edison” bulbs are all the rage now, being featured at the Oscars this year, as well as in popular car commercials.

If that’s not your thing, take a look at these bug lights that save energy and help keep insects from ruining quality time on the deck. You can find out how bug lights work on our blog, and how they differ from bug zappers.

And one last *bonus* gift idea — the PowerSquid! If you’re like me, you hate power strips where you can’t fit block-shaped plugs in without taking up two or three spaces. A 6-outlet power strip turns into a 2-block strip. The PowerSquid solves this problem by separating the outlets with extension cords of their own. It also functions as a surge protector. Perfect for entertainment setups, no matter how many monitors or video game consoles you have!

Light bulbs are a technology that’s been around since the 1800s, but they never get old as gifts. From replicas of those first bulbs, to CFLs that keep away bugs, to LEDs the size of a key, they can be the coolest and most useful gift you can give your favorite dad this year.

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Nick Heeringa

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