LED Replacement Bulbs Starting at $7.95

LED replacement bulbs in stock

Did you get this week’s email newsletter from Topbulb? If not, here’s a teaser.

Topbulb is now carrying some of the best-priced LED bulbs on the internet, with 60-watt replacement light bulbs starting at under $8.00 a bulb. A dimmable version of the same is just under $10 per lamp.

We also marked down prices on LED globes recently. I purchased some of these bulbs recently and couldn’t be happier with them. A little brighter than a standard 40-watt globe, but not so bright it’s distracting or noticeable. Just enough to provide some extra needed light.

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Our latest contest was for a set of vintage Edison bulbs, while our last coupon was to save 5% off on all orders for a limited time.

Hurry and sign up now, because coupon codes expire quickly and you never know when you’ll need to replace a light bulb in your house or business!

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Nick Heeringa

Nick is a writer, publisher and editor for the Topbulb blog. Check back often for more of his writing on lighting applications and announcements for the Topbulb website and blog!

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