How Can LED “Light Recipes” Be Used to Increase Indoor Plant Harvests?

Closeup of Green Leaves

If you live in a house or apartment with poor lighting, you know how difficult it can be to get plants to grow. As the sun gets higher and lower as the seasons change, you may be forced to move indoor plants around to make sure they get the proper amount of sunlight.

Grow lights have always been one option, but now Philips and Green Sense Farms, a commercial grower based in the Chicago area, have teamed up to develop an indoor commercial farm with LED lighting.

Why is this newsworthy? Haven’t horticulture lights been around forever?

The Philips/Green Sense Farms innovation is to use light recipes to optimize the amount and type of light that plants are getting. Different kinds of plants need different amounts of light to grow. It is this need that is being met by the the Philips LEDs and the experts at GSF.

Green Sense Farms is the largest vertical LED farm in the United States, and is located just a short drive from our own offices here at Topbulb. Check out their website here.

Topbulb also offers a wide range of Philips lights, from auto replacement bulbs to Philips household LEDs.

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