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Topbulb Bulbrite LED filament Pinterest contest

Win Free Bulbrite Brand LED Vintage Bulbs from Topbulb

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For years, vintage Edison bulbs have been some of our most popular products. This month, we’ve started carrying LED filaments, which replicate the old incandescent vintage lights, but with a modern twist.

All of the LED vintage bulbs we offer are from Bulbrite, which also produces the popular string lights that we sell.

Here’s what Bulbrite has to say about their new line of LED Edison bulbs:

Bulbrite’s new LED Filament Series combines the classic look of an incandescent lightbulb with energy-efficient LED technology.   Offered in both standard and vintage finishes in a variety of shapes and sizes, the Bulbrite LED Filament series perfectly mimics the warm and inviting glow of an incandescent while offering consumers a long-lasting product that will save them energy.

Currently, Topbulb carries the entire line of Bulbrite Filament LEDs, which consist of twelve different bulbs in varying lamp shapes, bases, and wattages. We also carry a wide range of their string lights and incandescent Edison bulbs.

Pinterest Contest Rules

To introduce our new line of LED filaments, Topbulb has teamed up with Bulbrite on a Pinterest contest. We’ll be giving away 4 of these cool LED bulbs.

Here’s the rundown on the rules for the #LEDFilament contest.

  1. Create a board called #LEDFilament on your Pinterest account
  2. Pin images of vintage Edison bulbs — incandescent or LED versions
  3. Check out our board at www.pinterest.com/topbulb/ledfilament/ for examples
  4. Pin any number of vintage lighting images to your board
  5. We’ll pick our favorite board and announce the winner on July 6, 2015

About Vintage LED Filaments

Nostalgic Edison bulbs have been popular for years now, being featured in automotive commercials and at the Oscars, popular at weddings and events, and used for general indoor and outdoor use.

LED versions of these bulbs, however, are fairly new, with Bulbrite’s line recently becoming available to us. They use up to 1/10th of the energy of the incandescent versions. The type that we are teaming up to give away for this contest uses only 4 watts, where the equivalent incandescent version uses 40 watts.

The light retains its early-20th century feel, giving off a very warm light (2200K), and at 15,000 hours of rated life will last 10 times longer than the incandescent it is designed tor replace.

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