Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentines Day from Topbulb

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Topbulb!

In case you need to set the mood this weekend, we’ve picked out several popular light bulbs.

This red 100 watt A19 incandescent lamp is the perfect budget option to set a mood. Get them before they’re gone, though, as incandescent bulbs are quickly being phased out.

If CFL is more your style, we also offer a red compact fluorescent that uses only 8 watts. It’s a cold cathode, so it’s more energy efficient than a regular CFL. We just lowered the price on this one, so get one of the few remaining!

Finally, we want to highlight a special LED flood. This bulb has warm dimming, which means it decreases in color temperature as it is dimmed. This is how incandescent and halogens work when dimmed. Most LEDs, though, when dimmed, will not decrease in color temperature — they simply get dimmer while staying at the same color temp. This bulb, though, will get warmer as it dims.

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Nick Heeringa

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