Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Happy Saint Patrick's Day from Topbulb

Happy Saint Paddy’s Day from Topbulb!

What’s the best way to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day? It’s by going green, which we can help you do in a number of ways.

Green Light Bulbs

More of a novelty than a day-to-day light bulb, green lights can make your St. Paddy’s Day party look even more Irish. We’ve got a number of green bulbs, from A-shaped ones (still available in 60 watts), floods, and even a halogen MR16, or a decorative LED.

If green isn’t your thing, we also sell a wide array of colored light bulbs for any occasion.

Green Energy Savings

LEDs are all the rage now in the lighting world and on store shelves, so don’t miss out on rapidly-falling prices. LEDs are designed to replace traditional incandescent and halogen lights, and can use 1/6th or less of the energy that the old tech uses.

We’ve been shipping out LED A-shaped bulbs as fast we get them into our warehouse, so get them while they’re hot. 60 watt replacements are well under $10 per bulb now for non-dimmable, and slightly under $10 for dimmable versions.

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