Gen4 LEDs, LightFair, and New Employees

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Hey all you Topbulbers out in Topbulbland! As we move into the summer months, keep in mind that you can reduce cooling bills by switching your lighting from inefficient incandescent and halogen to efficient fluorescent, CFL, and LED.

We had a great May and I’d like to share with you some of our latest improvements to our website and your light bulb shopping experience.

Latest Generation LEDs In Stock

One of our biggest expansions this month was in our LED line, where we added the latest generation of Standard LED bulbs. We began offering new lamps in A-Shape, MR, PAR, reflector flood, chandelier, miniature, and decorative types.

Even better, all of these high-quality bulbs are priced to move. LED prices have dropped by up to 90% over the last 2-3 years. Now is the time to start taking advantage of the savings and reduce your energy costs and ladder time.

If you’re not quite sure how to purchase an LED bulb for your home, you can click on the “Step by Step, How to Buy an LED Bulb for Your Home” link on any of the A-Shape LED bulbs to read our handy guide. You can find it under the “Resources” section of the bulb’s description. It’s our most popular article on this blog and definitely the most useful.

LightFair Expansions

I had a great time walking the showroom floor at LightFair 2015 in New York. I met a lot of great new vendors, connected with our most valued current vendors, and took in some great seminars.

As a result, you can expect to see more lighting products added to the site over the next few months. We’ve been adding more lighting controls over the last week, along with LEDs, but there is a lot more in store.

My great experience at LightFair also spurred a complete rebranding project here at Topbulb. We kicked it off with all new business cards, so make sure to grab one from me next time we meet at a convention, or just if you stop in to pick up your light bulbs. As always, tell them “Andrew sent me,” and ask for our latest monthly coupon code!

New Intern & New Promotion

Please help me in congratulating Katherine Stirling on being promoted to sales representative for Indiana. She brings a lot of ambition and energy to the company, and is our in-house expert on rebate programs in Northern Indiana. Our local energy company is offering very generous rebates on retrofits, including LED, CFL, and linear fluorescent lamps.

Finally, let’s welcome back our intern from last summer, Kevin. He did such a great job last year that, when he asked to come back this summer, we jumped on the opportunity to bring him onboard again. He’s a hard worker and brings a great effort to the team. And now with an extra year of experience, he’s even more knowledgeable about lighting.

Together, these two employees have been responsible for over 90% of the success of the company in the last year and we’re thrilled to reward them for their service.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to shop at Topbulb; your feedback, suggestions, and questions are greatly appreciated.

Please remember, you can contact me at anytime with questions, concerns, and feedback. My personal email is


Andrew Shebath

Andrew Shebath

Business Systems and Operations Manager, Topbulb

Standard - 9.5W LED - 60W Equal - 3000K
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Andrew is the Business Systems and Operations Manger of Topbulb. He has been in the lighting industry for 8 years.

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