Fourth of July Lighting-Themed Products

Fireworks Over Bridge

Happy Independence Day! What better way to celebrate the independence of the United States of America than with lights! Lots of lights! And sounds! Loud sounds!

Unfortunately, Topbulb does not sell the fireworks types of lights you’re most familiar with seeing and hearing throughout the Fourth of July weekend. However, we do have some cool, unique, patriotic lighting products that you should be aware of.

Let’s take a look at flag lights and some USA-themed LED keychain flashlights.

Patriotic Flag Lights

A few weeks ago, the July 4th Contest we participated in ended, and we gave away three of these Patriotic Flag Lights. They’re made up of 160 individual incandescent bulbs strung together in the shape and colors of the American flag.

At 4′ x 6′, the lights are the size of a standard sign and can be hung anywhere, from the side of your office or home, to your garage, to the inside of a restaurant or bar. They make a great patriotic decoration at any time of year, but are especially eye-catching on July 4th.

Patriotic Clip-On LED Keychain Lights

If it seems like we have keychain LED lights for every occasion, we do! We’ve featured them in our Mothers Day and Fathers Day specials promotions, and we’re featuring different ones for Independence Day.

We carry three different types of LED keychains with American flags on them. Grab them all, including the silver one, blue one, and red one.

Other Independence Day Specials

Since we’re now offering Free Shipping on orders over $75, you may want to increase your order beyond just the LED keychains. If so, take a look at all of our Fourth of July specials, and save on this popular Epson projector lamp, this warm dimming LED flood light, vintage bulbs, these eco-friendly halogen bulbs, and even an LED retrofit downlight kit. Also, don’t miss the daylight running light kit from Philips!

And most important of all, have a safe and Happy Fourth of July, from all of us at Topbulb!

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Nick Heeringa

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