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A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of interviewing Fernando Segura, the Commercial Sales Manager for Energetic Lighting. Energetic has been a leading international manufacturer and developer of energy efficient lighting solutions for over 30 years.

We sell a good number of their products, including CFL and LED replacements for HID lamps, household A-shape and reflector LEDs, and their new line of colored LED bulbs.

Interview with Energetic Lighting

1. Tell us a little about yourself, your role in the company, and how you got into the lighting business.

My background is in Military Intelligence with emphasis to strategic and tactical doctrine and geopolitical science. I also have ten years experience in the manufacturing industry for one the west coast’s largest recreational trailer manufacturers. My lighting opportunity was presented to me when I had seen the chance to become part of something that we all take for granted. The lighting industry in effect had brightened my path to be a part of something that is fast changing and all around us since birth. As the Commercial Sales Manager, I continue to discover new challenges and more to learn.

2. What do you enjoy most about the lighting industry?

The lighting industry offers many facets in challenges and opportunities to those who seek to make a change for the better. Our nation needs to reduce its carbon footprint and we in this industry have a direct role in that effort. Lighting is a tool that brings people, business and family together no matter where or what time it may be.

3. What sets Energetic Lighting apart from its competitors?

As a manufacturer, we strive to offer a competitively priced product. Our offerings may still be small but yet they continue to grow in leaps and bounds which allows for growth and in keeping our costs down to a minimum. Much of our product line is private labeled and we are earning our way into the market through strategic partnerships.

4. Give us a look into the future of Energetic Lighting. What is the company working on in the near future? Any top secret projects?

We have invested millions of dollars into new automated production machinery that has significantly boosted our production capability and ultimately reduced our overall costs. This has helped usher in a new line of fixtures and helped pave the way for more innovative thinking. Some of our projects include a smart connected line of products and RGB color changing fixtures.

5. What is the most unique product or line of products Energetic Lighting offers?

What helped in opening the doors to many opportunities has been our simple plug and play CFL 400 watt metal halide lamp replacements. Although no longer produced, we have since introduced a new LED Plug and Play version of the lamp that is now supported by a ballast bypass version and a new DLC listed fixture.

6. Which sector (commercial, institutional, industrial or residential) do you think offers the best near-term market for LED replacement bulbs?

The commercial sector is regarded as the fastest option to move toward Led replacements. Business owners across the nation are continuously searching for ways to improve their bottom line in this very competitive market. Energy costs are regarded as a quick method to save money and to use this Earth saving option as a means to improve their marketing to others that are conscious to reducing the carbon footprint.

7. With some T8 fluorescent lamp/ballast systems offering 25w and 28w replacements for the universal 32w and rated life nearly as long as LED T8, what tips can you provide on how to market the LED replacements?

The Led T8 tube still provides a better energy saving solution over these T8 fluorescents. Led T8 tubes are now running between 15 watts to 18 watts that achieve the same lumen output as their replacements. In addition, removing the ballasts from these fixtures further adds to the energy savings and do not rely on the ballast failing and having to be maintained and replaced.

8. Is there a future for CFL light bulbs? If so, who will continue buying them rather than LED?

CFL bulbs are systematically losing their ground. Utilities across the nation are continuously reducing if not eliminating rebates that support and encourage their sale. The successful marketing of LED products over CFL is only expediting their demise.

About Energetic Lighting

Based in Chino, California, Energetic Lighting has more than 30 years of expertise in CFL bulb manufacturing. With a 2,000,000 square foot facility, the company is one of the largest manufacturers of CFL and T5 bulbs in China.

Energetic’s mission is to “make the world brighter with efficient lighting products while continuing to bring new products to the lighting industry through experience, science and technology. Energetic is committed to bringing its customer the latest quality products at reasonable prices with excellent customers service.”

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