Product Spotlight: Osram Projector Bulb

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This week’s featured product is one of our more popular, versatile bare projector bulbs. While it’s far easier to replace the entire projector lamp module, bare bulbs are often significantly cheaper.

The challenge with buying projector lamps — in housing or bare bulbs — online is how to judge the quality. You can see this reflected in the wide online price range of the same replacement lamp. The lamp for a particular brand and model of a projector can range from as little as $30 to a several hundred dollars.

If premium quality materials and optics is your objective, you should be shopping for original OEM lamps. These are the identical modules and or bare bulbs that were shipped with the projector when new. The manufacturers of these OEM projector lamps are brand names like Sylvania and Philips you can trust when only the best will work. As you might expect, OEM replacement lamps are considerably more expensive.

What is our best advice on buying projector lamps? Before you buy, determine your objective. If you have an older home theater projector that is used mostly by the kids, a value replacement may work just fine, particularly if you can buy two and still spend less money than OEM. If you have a corporate office and have a fleet of road warrior projectors for sales presentations, you don’t want to worry about projector lamp quality, buy OEM.

This week’s featured bulb is an OEM bare bulb manufactured by Osram Sylvania, one of the “big three” companies in the lighting industry (along with Philips and GE). It can be used in a large number of projector models from numerous name brand projector manufacturers.

(There are a number of precautions and tips you should follow when replacing a bare projector bulb. You can read our guides to projector lamp replacements here and here.)

The following is a list of brands whose projector modules may use this bulb. To find the exact lamp with housing or bare bulb for your particular projector, use our projector bulb finder, or click the links below to view a list of each brand’s models.
Compatible Brands:

Osram Projector Bare Bulb

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