A Fast, Convenient Way For Schools To Find Specialty Light Bulbs


East Chicago, IN (2000) An eager group of biology students is ready to conduct their first experiment. Carefully prepared slides are ready to be examined under the microscope. But when the students go to turn on the microscopes, several bulbs are burned out. Many of them are unable to complete their assignment. Teachers are frustrated. Another lesson plan gone awry. Where can they turn for help?

Hard-to-find microscope bulbs are just one of the many types of bulbs that schools can easily find at www.topbulb.com. Topbulb.com also carries hard-to-find projection bulbs for slide projectors, overhead projectors, film projectors and more. No matter how old or new the equipment, no matter who manufactured it, chances are, Topbulb.com has it in stock and ready to ship the same day.

“Having been a college professor, I know how important it is for instructors to have equipment that works,” says Phil Bonello, President and Chief Executive Officer of Topbulb.com. “Often an entire days plans can be disrupted when it fails. And with such a wide range of equipment in the schools, it is often hard to find the right light bulb. That’s where we can help.”

In addition to microscope and projection bulbs, Topbulb.com also offers an array of hard-to-find light bulbs and everyday bulbs for ceiling fixtures, gymnasiums, parking lots and exit signs. No matter how specialized, Topbulb.com has it or will find it.

With over 70 years of experience and a huge inventory, Topbulb.com is one of the largest multi-channel distributors of hard-to-find replacement light bulbs for the medical, educational, commercial, photographic, emergency vehicle and consumer markets. In addition to servicing lighting needs, Topbulb.com provides a fast and convenient way for business-to-business customers and consumers to find the right product for their application.

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Dave Burtner

Dave has been active in the lighting industry since 1994. Formerly a member of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America and certified by the National Council On Qualifications for Lighting Professionals, Dave now writes blog posts, lighting tips and provides lighting product assistance for the Topbulb website.