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Our promotion for this week is value-priced, high-quality LED light bulbs from a North American brand name.

If you’ve been waiting for LED bulb prices to drop to try one out, now is the time. And even better, you don’t have to worry about quality issues.

Our value LED line from E-Lume features a number of bulb types and wattages commonly found in homes. Whether you need a standard shape light bulb, MR16s for track lighting, or PARs for recessed downlights, E-Lume features them all. And prices start from less than $4 per bulb.

The E-Lume line of light bulbs is the value brand from Canadian lighting company Standard Products, Inc. While we are focusing on LEDs here, the E-Lume line also features halogen, fluorescent, HID, and incandescent lamps that offer great performance for a value price.

If you’re unfamiliar with Standard Products, they are based in Canada and have been named multiple times as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies.

We have selected these light bulbs as an excellent, value-priced introduction to household LED lighting. You can expect the same benefits from these bulbs as you can from any LED: longer life than incandescent lamps, energy savings and lower electricity bills, and a more conventional bulb shape than you get from spiral CFL lamps.

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Items 1 to 4 of 15
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