Count on performance with name brand photographic bulbs

Photography studio with lights

East Chicago, IN (2000) Anyone who has tried to take a photo of a small child will know how challenging it can be to capture that special moment. The last thing a photographer wants is to have a bulb go out at the wrong moment or not have the right light for the job. Where can photographers find these specialized bulbs?

From flash and strobe tubes to modeling lamps and enlarger bulbs, offers same day shipment of the essential lighting products that photographers need to create the perfect environment for any picture. Photographers can rely on bulbs from quality manufacturers, including Wiko, Photogenic and Speedotron.

“Every photographer understands that proper lighting is a key element for a great picture,” says Phil Bonello, President and Chief Executive Officer of “Quality and reliable bulbs from enable the photographer to focus more on the subject rather than worrying about sourcing light bulbs.”

With over 70 years of experience and a huge inventory, is one of the largest multi-channel distributors of hard-to-find replacement light bulbs for the medical, educational, commercial, photographic, emergency vehicle and consumer markets. In addition to servicing lighting needs, provides a fast and convenient way for business-to-business customers and consumers to find the right product for their application.

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Dave Burtner

Dave has been active in the lighting industry since 1994. Formerly a member of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America and certified by the National Council On Qualifications for Lighting Professionals, Dave now writes blog posts, lighting tips and provides lighting product assistance for the Topbulb website.