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Product Spotlight: Power Squid a Better Way to Plug In Electronic Devices

power strip with many items plugged in

Surge protectors are one of the most useful, popular electronic devices around. Is there any house, office, or school that doesn’t have at least a handful of them? Larger businesses may need a pallet-load of them. The main problem with the conventional power strip surge protector is that many devices do not have a conventional…

Product Spotlight: Improved and Approved T8 Fluorescent Bulbs

fluorescent lights overhead in aisle of school library

You may or may not have heard of the demise of the workhorse F32T8 700 series fluorescent tubes. It could be the answer to a trivia question. But the product spotlight this week explains why it is so and features an excellent replacement lamp. On July 14, 2014, new Federal government legislation kicked-in requiring higher lumen per watt efficiencies for common…