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A Guide to Beam Metrics for Comparing LED to Halogen Directional Lamps

Directional Lighting on Gallery

LED light is inherently directional. Most traditional light sources – incandescent, halogen, compact fluorescent and HID – emit light in all directions. For these light sources to have specific directional characteristics, the lamp is made with a reflector and sometimes a lens to modify the illumination so it becomes more focused, or directional. For example,…

How To Evaluate Cost-Effectiveness of LED T8 Lamp Retrofits for Troffers

Life is more complicated these days for facility managers charged with, among many other tasks, maintaining an effective building lighting system for the occupants while trying to reduce, or at least stabilize, energy costs. While there is a wide range of lighting tasks and types of light fixtures in commercial and institutional buildings, by far…

Efficacy Improvement of Commercial Grade LED Recessed Downlights Slows But Benefits Remain

recessed downlights in commercial building with escalator

The rate of growth in LED lighting technology can easily be overwhelming. Almost as soon as the “ink” cries on the specification sheets for a line of LED fixtures, the next generation is only a matter of months away. It may take only six months for manufacturers to offer fixtures with a 10% improved efficacy…

LED Downlight Options for Small Commercial & Residential Applications

The number of recessed downlights in small commercial and residential environments often exceeds all other types of light fixtures in the building. Tucked neatly inside the ceiling, these fixtures manage to be both an unobtrusive and an effective source of illumination for many types of spaces. The traditional light source for these downlights has been…

LED Linear T8 Retrofits: Sorting Through The Options

man examining wiring in fluorescent fixture

One look at the LED T8 retrofit lamp and installation options can quickly make you want to run for cover – or give up and live with fluorescent. The later approach, while not as forward-looking as LED, makes some sense especially if you are comparing the 30,000 to 40,000 hour T8 fluorescent lamps now available…

LED Retrofit Downlights: Selection Guide

recessed downlights in commercial building with escalator

  Recessed downlights are a common lighting fixture found in most commercial and residential buildings. Lobbies, hallways and conference rooms often take advantage of the clean ceiling look of a recessed downlight to provide ambient or accent lighting in these spaces. In homes, kitchens are the most common location where recessed downlights are found, but…

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