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Lighting Uniformity: Study Shows An Important Advantage of LED Fixtures for Parking Lots

One of the fastest growing segments of the LED commercial lighting market is site, area, street and parking lot lighting. Owners of commercial property and municipalities in particular are looking at LED solutions for new developments or to replace HID fixtures in existing applications. In this post we will look at occupant perceptions of safety,…

LED Outdoor Area Light Fixtures Meet or Exceed Performance Metrics of HID Alternatives

LED Area Light Fixtures

A significant contributor to electrical energy use in the U.S. is outdoor area lighting. Street and roadway lights, walkway and park lighting, surface parking pole mounted fixtures and building mounted wall packs are all designed to illuminate space at night to provide safe passage and security for vehicles and pedestrians. Some of the earliest dedicated…

Use These Outdoor Lighting Guidelines to Avoid Common Mistakes

Outdoor lighting, whether landscape or building mounted, can add significant visual appeal to both commercial and residential buildings and spaces. When designed and implemented properly, lighting around a building enhances the architecture, showcases plants, rocks and sculpture in the landscape and guides visitors safely to the entrance. In addition, exterior building lighting can improve security.…

How to Read Outdoor Fixture Light Distribution Classification Systems

light distribution from street lights

Fixtures can be categorized by application, mounting, light source, construction and light distribution. In this post, the focus will be on light distribution. For lighting specifiers and contractors, it’s important, particularly for outdoor fixtures, to know the light distribution pattern and characteristics of the distribution. The shape (as well as brightness) of the area that…

Bulbrite Decorative String Lights

Bulbrite decorative string lights

Our featured products this week are decorative string lights from Bulbrite. String Lights Are Perfect For… These light kits are perfect for outdoor decorative use and are especially appropriate for weddings, graduation parties, and any other summer festivities. For some great DIY examples, check out our string lights Pinterest board. According to Bulbrite, you can…

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